Health Without Borders Chile aids India

Milarepa Fundation has been dedicated to interreligious dialogue for the past four years. However, due the pandemic Milarepa Foundation has joined efforts with Health without Borders Chile Salud Sin Fronteras Chile to aid COVID relief in India.

In the past few years Milarepa Foundation has develop a collection of Indian art through the DAG gallery of New Delhi About DAG | DAG ( Thus, in May 2021 Health without Borders supported the DAG on an art action of 51 works of Indian art. The action collected the total of 97000 British pounds (99 million of Chilean pesos) that aided the purchase and distribution of oxygen concentrators to hospitals in New Delhi.

We at Health without Borders are proud of having supported the efforts to save lives in India and will continue doing so. The photos attached show the transportation of PPE and oxygen concentrators by British Airways from London to Delhi and their distribution by Khalsa Aid KhalsaAid

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